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Sonnet Bakery

"I was going to write a poem, I made a pie instead."

My Butterscotch Pie won the PIE CONTEST!

Thanks and !

Sonnet is a different kind of bakery.

Along with popular favorites, Sonnet offers unique desserts you won't find anywhere else.
We bake everything from scratch, using premium ingredients. Many of our cakes, cookies
and pies come from vintage recipes. Unlike a typical bakery, we customize every dessert
to suit YOUR event or family gathering.


Some of our offerings include:

Party cakes for every theme

Hand-decorated cookie favors

Dessert tables for special occasions

Old-fashioned layer cakes

Holiday Pies

Cookie platters for office parties

Breakfast trays (muffins, scones, tea breads)


Vintage recipes and unique desserts

Contact Christa Dunn to discuss your order:
Christa Dunn